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Iran was to ship to Russia fish and seafood

Iran was to ship to Russia fish and seafoodIran started the exports of fish and seafood, said the head of the Iranian-Russian chamber of Commerce Asadollah Asgaroladi."Last week we began to implement agreements on Russia export of seafood. Shrimp, caviar and various types of fish products are now shipped to the Russian market", - he said to "Interfax".An agreement to export to the Russian Federation of Iranian fish and seafood was achieved last year. In December 2014 during the visit of the delegation of the Rosselkhoznadzor in Tehran was approved list of 18 Iranian companies, which received the right to export fish products.Currently also discussing the possibility of deliveries in the Russian Federation Iranian dairy and meat products. . . . Read more -->

The last Ukrainian "cyborg" surrendered fighters of Motorola

The last Ukrainian Ukrainian security forces continue to leave the territory of Donetsk international airport is voluntary. Another group of fighters ATO, abandoned by their commanders, their weapons military "Sparta", part of the battalion Motorola. This was reported by the correspondent of the TV channel "Zvezda" Graham Phillips.Realizing the hopelessness of further resistance, the soldiers of the Ukrainian army had surrendered. . . . Read more -->

Moscow judge: Mr. Basargin tried to transfer the responsibility for the members of the government

Moscow judge: Mr. Basargin tried to transfer the responsibility for the members of the governmentDismissal of officials of the regional level in the government of Perm Krai, which the Governor Viktor Basargin explained attempted to increase the efficiency of the Cabinet, more like an attempt of the Governor to transfer the responsibility for the socio-economic situation in the region on their subordinates. The correspondent said the Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Pavel Salin.See also:-->"There will be many questions that you cannot answer". Deputies of the legislative Assembly of the Perm did not discuss personnel changes in the government-->Basargin has sacked the head of his administration Alexey Frolov-->Basargin dispersing the government has dismissed Deputy Prime Minister and two Ministers. Wheels in excellentRecall yesterday Basargin dismissed Deputy Prime Minister on social policy Hope Kocurova, Minister of public security Vladimir Capisanto and the head of the Ministry for development of territories Kizel coal basin Oleg Sukhorukov. All of these officials, the head of the Kama region called ineffective, in his opinion, they could not cope with their responsibilities. Read more -->

Novosibirsk Minister urged residents for food security in the country to return to the plots

Novosibirsk Minister urged residents for food security in the country to return to the plotsMinister of industry and trade of the Novosibirsk region Nikolai Simonov urged area residents to return to planting vegetables in suburban areas, so as not to expose threats to food security of the country."I believe that we need to appeal to the population to it in 2015 returned to the gardens, which are thrown back to the gardens. The problem should be solved for potato production, calmly, thoroughly, without hype. You need to give people the opportunity to potatoes was planted, because food security consists of security of each particular family, " said Simonov, head of the regional headquarters for food security, the Agency RBC.According to the Minister, in the region of little farmers, so the potatoes are grown mainly on personal vegetable gardens, and municipal authorities should intensify efforts to create social fairs, where food can be purchased at lower prices than in stores."I think we need to prepare for the spring and certain social groups to find a way to give, to help, to find an opportunity to provide for themselves," said Simonov.Simonov also reminded that the region is supplied with food, however, in the first two weeks of January, the rise in food prices exceeded the same indicator of the last four months of 2014, said Simonov. . . . Read more -->

Summary of the civil war: the game "who will outwit" continues - the junta cannot determine where the militia will strike the main blow

Summary of the civil war: the game Boris Rozhin (colonelcassad) - about the end of hostilities in the Donbass for January 21From the information point of view, the main event was the recognition of the junta (yet unofficial) loss of control of the airport and the concomitant collapse of the myth of the "cyborg". From a military point of view position at the airport were lost until a few days ago, so it is rather large information the defeat of the fascist junta.At the moment the key positions at the airport controlled by VSN. The enemy generally pushed from the airport and on the return of control over lost items can not speak at the moment the front passes through the Sands (both sides can not boast full control over the village), across the steppe in the area Experienced an air defense unit and next to the plant, where our entrenched in the suburbs. In General, if without propaganda, for the last days of our successes so far are limited to the airport and pieces of Sand and Town. Attempt to go to Spartacus also ended for the enemy failed. The enemy firmly sat in the defense, the offensive failed - there is no result, the loss is significant. Read more -->

Commission Ministry of defence Investigation on a military base in Gyumri completed

Commission Ministry of defence Investigation on a military base in Gyumri completedCommission of the RF Ministry of defense has completed an internal investigation at the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri, said the head of the Commission, first Deputy defense Minister army General Arkady Bakhin.The subject of the investigation was the involvement of the Russian soldier Valeria Permyakova to the murder of six members of the Armenian family. General bahin confirmed that the accused in the murder of Perm is located on the territory of Armenia. He is charged under item 1 CH 2 tbsp. 104 of the criminal code of Armenia "Murder of two or more persons", according to TASS.January 14, at the building of the General Consulate of Russia in Gyumri and near 102nd military base demonstrations were: thousands of local residents demanded to give Permyakova Armenia. However, as stated in the General Prosecutor's office of Armenia, a soldier will not be transferred to the Armenian law enforcement agencies because it is a Russian citizen and is under the jurisdiction of the Russian investigative authorities.The defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu in a telephone conversation with his colleague from Armenia expressed his deep condolences to the family and friends of the victims. He stressed that "nothing can justify such violence against innocent people"."The Russian defense Ministry jointly with the Armenian side will render all possible assistance and support to the relatives of the victims. Read more -->

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